Peeple is an iOS app that lets you rate and be rated by other people

How would you like to be present in an app where all your former customers, business partners, employees and so on can rate you, using a star-based system? If you have a history of successful work relationships, this could really boost your career and even provide some interesting opportunities in this department.

Dubbed ‘Yelp for people’, Peeple just launched exclusively for US-based iOS users and wants to let you rate and be rated by others in three different categories: professional, personal, and dating.

The app has a positive foundation as Peeple’s founders created it to offer users a safe place to manage their online reputation. While I can understand that, it’s rather obvious not everyone is going to get only positive recommendations and it could be very easy for a vindictive ex or a former coworker holding a grudge to destroy your online reputation.

Initially, the app allowed anyone to add and rate other people without their consent but not anymore. Now, others cannot list your on Peeple without your express permission. However, it doesn’t mean the app’s system is perfect. Far from it, actually.

The app may be free, but the developers want to make a paid version available soon. Titled “The Truth License” this would allow subscribers to read all the reviews of an individual, even those you don’t authorize to post publicly. I personally find this to be a grave violation of privacy, but I guess this is something every person needs to decide for themselves.

Nevertheless, the whole point of Peeple was to get positive recommendations which would be easily accessible by others. Sadly, our world is not perfect and such an app sure makes it extremely easy for others to ruin your reputation, and with very little effort might I add.

Even so, people welcomed Peeple (pun intended) as approximately 10,000 users applied to beta test the app. And taking the revengeful human nature out of the equation, the app can be quite useful for checking the reputation and quality of relationships with the people you interact with, for either business or personal purposes. On this aspect, Peeple has a built-in search tool that lets you look up other users based on various criteria such as location, name, interests and keywords, as well as a Nearby feature that shows you members within a 10-mile radius of your current location.

Disregarding the creepiness factor, there may actually be some perks for using Peeple but still, we can only hope it doesn’t get so popular you might be automatically labeled as suspicious by simply not having a Peeple profile.

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What do you think about Peeple? Did you get the chance to use it and if not, are you, at least, contemplating the idea? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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