Peepme for iOS: Peep on Other People’s Lifestyles

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  • By Zeki Sever

Peepme is an interesting iOS app available free of charge on the iTunes store. The first time I heard of it, to be honest, I thought it was something disturbingly creepy, but it turned out to be quite a legit and decent idea nicely performed on iOS platform.


Peepme is a social network of people who share one thing in common – they like, or need to, document their spending. Scattered all over the world are people who either travel or work in different countries and enjoy sharing their spending reports with others. Peepme is all about the shopping side of your life – buying, selling, spending and consuming. You buy a meal in an Indian restaurant, you snap a picture of it, you upload the picture with a price tag of the meal, and voilà, the post is ready.


Peepme 2

You can share images and prices of any shopping item or service – from shoes and clothes to hotel rooms and restaurant meals, or whatever comes to your mind. Your account displays your spending statistics, so eventually everyone can see how much you’ve spent ever since you joined the Peepme community.

Truth be told, it depends on you how you view it. On one hand, it looks a bit creepy when you see a community of people sharing images of lobsters with price tags attached in times when entire continents are famished. On the other hand, the app is bliss for anyone who does secret shopping professionally. People who assess restaurants and hotels get an unprecedented opportunity to document and share their experience, as well as tap into a worldwide database of prices and services in all corners of the world.

However, secret shoppers are not the only users who can benefit from this community. Bloggers of all kinds, from travel to food, shopping and discount coupon websites can benefit from this unique community that goes hand in hand with product and services comparison. Oh, let’s not forget the shopaholics. These folks will definitely love Peepme, since they will be able to see immediately who buys what, where and at what prices. “Buying handbags has never been as much fun as it is with Peepme.”

Besides, avid travelers can use this app as a live spending tracker – just add your meal and hotel expenditures and photos whenever you are on a trip, and you will be able to recollect and compare your travel expenses, and use that data for future trips planning.


The app sports a gorgeous looking interface – both simple and fun to use. It makes great use of tabbed navigation, while the color scheme and posting simplicity are designed perfectly well.

Peepme 1


  • A fun and intuitive interface
  • A unique community of shoppers and consumers
  • A straightforward posting process
  • The ability to compare prices, products and services
  • The possibility to invite your Facebook friends
  • Chat with your friends from within the app


  • The fact that your entire spending amount can be viewed by the community is somewhat disturbing, but I am privacy paranoid; so others may see it as an advantage and boost their spending record to have a high rep and maybe “hook” someone in the community.


Facebook has changed the world forever. What we once thought of as ‘social’ has transformed in a lot of ways, and now we see social networks emerge based on any human activity there is. Peepme covers shopaholics, bloggers, travelers, hedonists and those ‘In love with myself’ folks, although the list of situations when people can benefit from this app is virtually unlimited.

A daring and talented idea, without a doubt, Peepme is a fun and potentially addictive app that will document your purchases and share the information with the community of peepers.

If you ever stumbled upon a picture of something on Internet and wondered how much that could cost, or if you are planning a trip to Brazil and wonder how expensive it is to eat out in Rio, Peepme is the right solution for you.

The app gives you an unprecedented opportunity to peep inside people’s bank statements free of charge, and all those people let you see their expenses voluntarily. What other social network lets you do that other than ‘date my credit score’ websites?

If Peepme sounds like an app you’ve been looking for, go ahead and join the community. Hopefully, the project already accumulated enough traction; if not, give it a boost and invite your friends.