Perfect Note: A full-featured and intuitive organization app for Windows Phone

    If you’re struggling to stay organized and carry out all your daily tasks, be it for work, school or personal life you know how much a solid organization app can help. Perfect Note is one of the new comers on Windows Phone, but it’s a well rounded app that can easily rival with established titles.

    Perfect Note Item Options

    Perfect Note comes with several built-in task categories (Work, Projects, Ideas, Trips…etc.) although you can easily rename/reorder/delete them and add new ones. Adding a task in any category is done with just a few taps and adding subtasks is just as easy. You can also link contacts to your tasks, add reminders (with repeat option) and share them.

    Perfect Note Reminders

    I found the app to be highly intuitive – tap an entry to display details, hold to see more actions, swipe right to mark an item as complete, swipe left to uncomplete and swipe right one more time to archive individual items or simply shake the phone to archive all completed entries. The last feature can be disable from the app’s settings should it bother you for any reason.

    Nevertheless, if you’re having trouble with the controls, there’s a Tutorials entry on the app’s main screen that provides all this information at a glance. Obviously you can pin tasks to your Start Screen and when you want a general overview the app lets you quickly take a look at all upcoming tasks as well as archived ones. The Search function is present and it can be very useful when you manage to pile up lots of notes and tasks. If aesthetics are important to you, Perfect Note also has that covered as it offers 16 different color themes to choose from.

    Perfect Note Pattern Password

    Perfect Note is a security-conscious app so it can be password protected. You can use your pin code, a pattern or assign a text password to keep your notes and tasks safe from prying eyes. It comes with OneDrive integration and I find this extremely important. There’s an auto OneDrive backup feature and you can import and export content to/from Microsoft’s cloud storage (you’ll be required to sign into OneDrive from the app) so you’ll never lose information.

    Perfect Note is priced at $1.99 and I think it’s worth the small investment considering what it offers – obviously you can try it for free before you decide whether you want to buy it or not. I truly appreciate how Perfect Note’s simple layout manages to bundle a lot of features yet remain straightforward and highly functional – as an organization app should be.

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