Photo Frame Studio: Quickly edit your pictures

Photo Frame Studio is an application by Mojosoft that will let you add frames into your pictures and do some basic editing quickly but efficiently.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process for the application is fairly fast, offering a lot of languages to choose from but few other options so nothing confusing there. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The first window that will most likely pop up will be the update window, which will actually take you to a page where you will have to pay to get the updated version of the application so try to avoid it if you can. You can also set the automatic searching for updates in the same window.

On with the actual interface of the application, when you are have no active project currently running in the application, each time you start the application you New project wizard will be open.  From there you have various options for both your new projects and the application in general. Regarding the extra modules, you can change your language and the theme of the application. There are loads of Themes, some of them unique to Photo Frame Studio and some others that have been inspired by other popular programs like Steam and Microsoft’s Office. The themes are extremely well done and they are very different from each other, meaning that there will most likely be something for everyone in there.

In the middle of the same window you will have some of the featured frame templates. Clicking on any of them will open it for you in the editor. If you want more options, you will need to click on the Open Template or the Design Wizard. The first option you will open a window with all of the application’s already existing themes, divided into a lot of different categories like Simple, Flowers, Christmas, Classical and a lot more. You can change the way they are display by the slide in the bottom of the window. Again, you only need to click on them once and you will be taken to the Editor.

The Design Wizard is a bit more complex but offers a lot more options as well, divided into steps. In the first one you will choose a template. Next you will be asked to insert some images. This step is optional as you can add the images in later. The third step is to choose a background and the last one is simply to execute your choices.

When you have chosen a frame, you will be able to edit each of its aspects in the Editor. Here you can insert your images and edit simple things about them like adding text, lines, clip art and different text effects. There are various categories of options located in the left, bottom and right of the interface but you will quickly familiarize yourself with them. When you are done, simply click on the save button and choose the format you prefer.


-A lot of frame options
-You can create your own templates in a few steps
-Incredible variety of skins
-Extremely easy to use editor


-The editor could use some more options


Photo Frame Studio is a quick, easy to use photo editing application that will surely please the avid frame fans of all levels as it offers an extremely convenient interface in a surprisingly deep package.