Phototag for Windows Phone adds information overlay on your photos

    Phototag is a photography app that lets you add information overlays on your images. It includes various types of info such as location, weather, date & time but the list doesn’t end here. The app also offers overlay themes for food, baby and speedometer.

    For each theme there are six different layouts you can choose from, and edit them as well. You can apply these overlays on pictures taken with Phototag’s built-in camera or on any other picture you have saved on your phone. The app can also use your photo’s exif timestamp and location data if they’re available.

    Phototag filters

    Concerning image editing, the app has a decent collection of filters you can choose from. It’s far from what you’d find in a professional image editing application, but that would defy Phototag’s purpose. The app greets you with a short tutorial at first use (which you can revisit any time from the app bar menu). To be honest, the interface is pretty much self explanatory, and most people will probably get accustomed to the app without going through the tutorial.

    Phototag comes with social sharing integration for Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and VK – obviously you’d have to connect to these social services from within the app to be able to use them. There’s also 6tag integration so you can upload your images to Instagram.

    Phototag has an unlimited free trial that disables sharing options for some of the skins and a fully-featured, add-free version that you can buy for 0.99$. The good news is, the app is currently featured on myAppFree so you can grab the full version for free, while the offer still lasts.

    If you like to add information overlays on photos taken during trips, birthdays, family gatherings and other special occasions Phototag is definitely worth a try. Have you already used Phototag? Let us know what’s to like about it and what’s not in the comments section! Or, you can head over to the Pocketmeta forums and join in on some more mobile technology discussion.

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