Picture Resizer: Batch JPG resizing

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If you have ever tried resizing your pictures you will know that it is a lengthy process that sometimes does not work as intended. The developers of Picture Resizer know that and they offer a free application that will let you instantly resize batches of JPG images.

Installation & Requirements

The application required no installation. Simply download the file and put it in a folder of your choice. The application’s latest version supports Windows versions from 2000 and later. However, previous versions that are available to download in the product’s website support Windows 98 and ME as well.


What you will immediately need to understand about the program is that it is not a conventional utility. You will not run it the same way you run any program. If you open the executable file the only thing you will find are some instructions as to how to resize your images, an option to include choices in the context menu, a donation link and how to add additional options to the command line.

If you want to resize an image or multiple ones, you simply have to drag and drop them to the icon of the executable file wherever that is. For example, if you have stored it in your desktop you will need to drag and drop the JPG images on top of the icon and they will be automatically resized. The destination folder can be set in one of two ways. If you do nothing and leave it with the default settings, the resized images will appear in the same folder as the original ones. If you want to change the destination folder you will have to create a shortcut of the executable file and place that shortcut in your desired output folder.

Any and every option for the image resizing cannot be accessed directly from the application. You will have to visit the website and check out the list of available commands in order to get the more advanced options. Some of them are very simple and easy to execute while others are harder and require knowledge of the command line. For example, renaming the executable file to another number will resize the images to that number. But specifying the exact height and width of the images will have to be done through the command line. A list of available commands along with their effects and more support for the application can be found in the product’s website.


-No installation required and a small file size
-Tons of different options for the more advanced users
-Easy to use yet hard to master


-Supported images limited to JPG
-Can be very hard to use for less tech savvy users


Although Picture Resizer takes some time to learn, the sheer functionality makes up for it. There are a ton of different commands available at your disposal but you must be willing to learn them and work with the program through the command line otherwise you will get nothing out of it.