Pinnacle Studio: Powerful multimedia editing software

Pinnacle Studio offers one of the most complete video and audio editing software in the market with an abundance of options and years of experience giving its users the ability to create professional level projects with ease.

Installation & Requirements

The sheer size of the application means that it will take some time to complete the installation, especially on lower end systems. You will have a variety of optional components to install and you can find all the information you would need about them through the installation window.

All of the required third party software like DirectX is bundled within the program. If you just want to try the trial you will be prompted to click on that option before the setup is started. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The application has so many features that the developers offer video tutorials and a guided tour in order to teach people how to create movies with all the effects that are provided by the program. The first time you start the program you will also be asked if you want to import media from your windows libraries. That will both insert the existing multimedia files in the library and update it any time you add files to them.

Creating movies is not difficult but certainly takes quite a lot of time in order to get familiar with the process. The whole visual look of the application and the constant help from the developers make things just that much easier. You can see how much effort has been put into making the application as user-friendly as possible. Even when you first boot the application up you will be presented with a demo movie that you can slowly dissect. From that you can absorb a ton of information on the inner workings of Pinnacle Studio if you are willing to dedicate some of your time to it.

The movies are dissected frame by frame in the bottom of the application. You can view separate information about the video and the audio, edit each frame individually, put them in different orders and even check out wave length information about the integrated audio files. Editing each bit is as easy as double clicking on it which will take you to the appropriate editor. Pictures, for example, have a different editor than audio files.

The other main feature of the application is to create multimedia CDs and DVDs with ease. Simply add all the files that you want and add them to your disc. You can view the transition in real time, you can convert your files t formats more suited to specific devices and generally you can edit both your video and your audio files to your heart’s content. You can truly create fully customizable experiences within Pinnacle Studio.


-Incredible video tutorials that give detailed information about each feature of the application
-Amazing interface and tools let anyone create fantastic multimedia galleries
-The tools of the application can create various results. Amateur videos will look more professional and videos from experienced users will be at their best form
-A wide array of utilities within the huge application make it one of the most complete packages in the market


-The size and the depth of the program can be disheartening for inexperienced users


If you are looking for the most complete multimedia editing software out there, chances are high that you will fall in love with Pinnacle Studio. The depth the application provides cannot be stressed enough and whoever is willing to sacrifice some of their time to really familiarize themselves with it will produce incredible results.