PIXresizer: A free picture resizer

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PIXresizer is a very simple application that gives its users the ability to quickly resize pictures so that they do not have to spend a lot of time messing around with different applications to produce such simple results.

Installation & Requirements

The setup should complete very fast even on lower end computers. You will have the option of creating Start menu and Desktop shortcuts as well as the option to choose a different installation folder. The program supports all versions of Windows from 98 and later. Previous versions of the application that can be found on its website also support Windows 95.


The application is divided into two tabs. In the first tab you can only insert one picture while the second one gives you the option of working with multiple ones. To insert a picture or multiple ones in the application you will have to go through the respective buttons. Dragging and dropping files inside the application is not supported.

After you have inserted your image in the first tab you will have various options for it. There are a lot of default settings but you can also choose your own and customize them. For example, the available default sizes range from 25% to 100% but you can also set another percentage if you wish. Furthermore, you can save the files in different file formats such as JPEG, BMP and PNG or keep the original one. Moreover, you will get information about the picture in the right side of the window right below the preview window of the picture you have inserted. When you are ready with your settings either click on the Save Picture option or on the Apply recommended if you want to use the default settings offered by the program.

Working with multiple images is a bit different. First of all you will need to choose a source folder and a destination one. The source folder is the one where all your pictures are located and the destination is where your pictures will be stored after you resize them. When resizing the pictures you will have the option to either resize all of them or merely adjust some of them to the rest. This can be done through the equal width and height boxes that you will have to check. The rest of the process is the same as working with a single picture. You will have to select a format and either apply the recommended settings or click on save to apply your custom ones


-Fast installation
-Multiple resizing options
-Extremely easy to use


-Somewhat outdated


PIXresizer is a very user-friendly interface that will let you resize your pictures in no time. Although the interface is a bit outdated, it still works very well for resizing pictures.