Pocket Mine 2 Tips & Tricks

Pocket Mine 2 is a fun, mining adventure game that has the potential of becoming just as popular as its prequel. In this 2-D vertical scroller, you’ll dig your way through several environments collecting currency and powerups that will support your progression.

In every area there will be a different character you can play as, but each one has its own special skills that you can use to your advantage. Pocket Mine 2 is definitely a relaxing time-waster, but even so there are some clever strategies that can be used to dig faster and deeper as well as get more loot and cash.

You can never upgrade your pick too often

Pocket Mine 2 Upgrade pick

If you pick is not resilient enough you won’t be able to dig very deep. Luckily, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to upgrade it and make it stronger, which is something you should always do.

Sometimes you might get stuck on a level. In this case, replay it a few times, earn some extra cash and use it to upgrade your pick.

Merge your cards

When you have two identical cards you can fuse them to boost the card’s effect. This is a very important aspect of the game, since in the advanced levels you will be playing with random cards, not your default options. Fuse your cards whenever possible to make your deck more powerful and improve the odds of you completing the missions.

Descend as fast as possible

In the main missions, all the challenges that need to be completed require you to go further down the mine. Also, as you descend the rewards from the blocks you mine will gradually improve.

Your characters will be able to dig through dirt, ice and other types of blocks. However, you’ll definitely want to hit the explosive blocks such as bombs, dynamite, grenades….etc. These will destroy a number of adjacent bricks, helping you go down faster but also blast more blocks that contain metal and earn you cash.

Colorful blocks have more metal

Metal blocks come in various types and their color is a good indicative as to how metal rich they are. Gray blocks have less metal than blue, green, red or gold blocks. Always choose to dig through the colored blocks as they’ll help you earn more cash, thus upgrade the pick more often.

Play the bonus missions

You don’t have to complete the bonus missions, but you’re definitely going to want to.  The bonus mission changes every time you launch a new game, and completing it will yield better rewards compared to the main mission.

Improve your deck by reshuffling your cards

Pocket Mine 2 Build card deck

You can build your deck by creating the custom Loadout, using your best cards at the start of each game. You can also reshuffle the cards, so you’l; be randomly assigned three cards. Using the latter option seems risky but it can increase the odds of getting better cards.

Also, remember you can tap the cards you want to keep and reshuffle the rest.

Use the experience meter to your advantage

This game’s fast leveling system, so you’ll need to pay attention to the experience bar at all time. If you have extra energy, but you’re about to level up, you can use your custom loadout since you’re about to get an energy refill after you reach the next level.

Don’t forget about the special stages

You’ll find these stages under the “Adventure” button, and these are going to give you exceptional rewards. In fact, the rewards you can gain by playing special stages are the best you can find in-game. You can play them all and then resume the progress you’ve made in the main campaign.

The bomb super crate can be a life saver

Pocket Mine 2 Blast

If you need a really big blast to get through a difficult stage you can always rely on the bomb super crate. It makes the largest explosion in the game and it can definitely help you advance further, when you find yourself stuck.

Use rubies to buy Legendary card packs and equipment

Rubies are the premium currency in Pocket Miner 2 and you can earn them for free by completing regular and special stages as well as from opening treasure chests. An investment worth making is the VIP bundle that costs 40 rubies. It gives you 5 free cards and 5 guaranteed Legendary cards!

You can also use the rubies you earn to get better equipment for your custom loadouts, that will give you special abilities like making the pick more powerful, for example.

Sell gear you’re not using

Other than the gear you’re actually used, the rest is not worth keeping. Sell the cosmetic and useless gear to get more magic cubes you can use in the Factory to craft cards and legendary gear.

Complete artifact collections

Pocket Mine 2 Collect artifact

All your characters have their own artifact collections and you may decide it’s not worth keeping them and sell then for cash. However, if you do manage to complete an entire collection you will receive better rewards such as new equipment cards and gems.

Don’t grind with your custom loadouts

It’s really important to have the best gear and cards on your custom loadouts but it’s not worth using these characters to grind in already completed mines or to replay levels. Use your basic characters for that and the custom loadouts to complete single-player campaigns and challenges, in general.

All the powerups, upgrades, currency and different types of loot make Pocket Mine 2 an entertaining adventure game, that can keep you busy for a good while. Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you dig deeper through the mines and get better rewards as you go.

What cool strategies have you discovered while playing Pocket Mine 2 ? Share them with us in the comments section!

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