[Pokémon Go] Regional rare Pokémon list and how to get them

Besides all the endless walking needed to hatch eggs, Niantic has thrown other Pokémon Go challenges our way. If you’ve been playing Pokémon Go for a while, you already know some of them are very rare, but there’s more to it.

Some of these rare Pokémon appear only in specific regional across the globe so technically it’s extremely difficult to catch them without being physically present in that area, although not impossible.

If you’re really looking to have the complete collection of Pokémon, here’s the regional rare Pokémon list and tips on how to catch them (even if you don’t have the time or funds to travel on each continent).

Regional rare Pokémon list

The information presented below may not be complete yet, but at the moment these are the Pokémon thought to be regional rares:

Regional rare Pokémon list

Mr. Mime – Psychic and fairy type that can be found in Europe

Regional rare Pokémon list

Tauros – Normal type that can be caught in North America

how to get regional rare Pokemon

Farfetch’d – Flying and normal type Pokémon spotted in Asia, with more frequent occurrences in Japan and South Korea

rare Pokemon by region

Kangaskhan – Normal type that spawns in Australia and New Zealand

This is the current regional rare Pokémon list, according to user feedback as they’ve only been caught in the areas mentioned above.

How to get regional rare Pokémon (without being physically there)

It can be tedious to get your hands on any of these regional rare Pokémon but the best way to get them without going to their respective areas is by hatching eggs, particularly 5km ones.

We published the Pokémon Go egg hatching rewards list a while back and if you take a look at it you will notice that Mr. Mime, Tauros, Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan are all among the rewards you can get from hatching 5km eggs.

While it’s a good idea to focus on hatching 10km eggs to get powerful Pokémon, 5km eggs are better if you’re aiming for the regional rares.

Do you have any regional rare Pokémon in your Pokédex yet and which ones?

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