POP Peeper: Instant access to all your e-mail addresses

As the technology moves forward and continues to upgrade our lifestyles, we benefit from the ability to have almost any information we might look for at our fingertips, mainly because of the easy access to the Internet. We have tons of devices, programs and tools at our disposal that helps us be in touch with the World Wide Web, and of course we have the e-mail, the cornerstone of our modern lifestyle.

Nevertheless, there are so many choices and purposes for creating an e-mail address that we usually end up with multiple e-mail accounts and a headache when trying to keep track of them all, but don’t despair. Fortunately, there is a tool called POP Peeper that is designed with the sole purpose of keeping an eye on your every e-mail address, notify you when you have mail and giving you the possibility to read and reply to your e-mails by using the POP Peeper interface alone.

POP Peeper Main Screen

Installation & Requirements

It’s paradoxical that sometimes we are trying to install software on our computers with the hopes of making our lives easier, but we end up complicating things further due to a trend of  troublesome installation processes. POP Peeper on the other hand, stays true to its purpose and offers a very clean and helpful setup that feels quite refreshing when compared with the boiling sea of adware-riddled installation processes we got used to.

POP Peeper is free for use indefinitely, with the possibility to pay for a premium Add-on Pack. As far as system requirements go, POP Peeper is available only in the Microsoft flavor, but it offers a wide support for the Windows platform, including Win98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Visa/Server2007/Win 7/NT


POP Peeper presents a great user interface which offers nothing less than what you get from a regular e-mail client, whether if it’s Yahoo or Gmail. Speaking of which, it’s vital to mention that POP Peeper integrates not only with your Yahoo and Gmail accounts, but also AIM, Hotmail, MSN, Excite, MyWay, AOL, FastMail, Excite, Lycos, mail.com, MSN, , POP3, RediffMail, iWon, SMTP, NetZero and Juno.

The user interface is very clean, straightforward, and although you might think that throwing multiple e-mail accounts in one pot will most likely turn out to be an incomprehensible mess, POP Peeper actually does a fantastic job keeping everything well organized and even easier to utilize than if you would use the interface of some of the original e-mailing services.
Functionality-wise POP Peeper lays some interesting features at our disposal like the ability to enable password protection, a built in address book or the option of storing your e-mails on your HDD.


– Intuitive and easy to use interface
– Great help & support
– It’s easy to setup your e-mail accounts even as a first time user
– A truly helpful tool for those who follow multiple e-mail adresses
– Freeware with no adware or nagging windows whatsoever


– Saving messages/Draft is not natively supported.
– The inability to import messages from spam/junk folders (might be a good thing, but an optional setting could’ve been useful)
– The ability to view Sent e-mails via POP Peeper is not available without the Premium Add-on Pack
– Supports only Windows OS

POP Peeper Alternatives

POP Peeper is probably the best tool of its kind so the reason we should have a look at some alternatives is because POP Peeper is sadly a Windows exclusively software.

For those who prefer the Linux platform there is a free Linux-only software called Mail Notification which is built pretty much on the same concept as POP Peeper, and for Mac users there’s nothing much to choose from, except for Gmail Notifr or Google Notifier, both of these programs being free for use and exclusively available for Mac.


It’s quite easy to draw a conclusion regarding POP Peeper, because as soon as you install it on your computer you realize that it really is an essential tool for those who have multiple e-mail accounts (we can add it with no hesitation, into the email clients zone). It saves you a lot of trouble and although there are a few things missing like the Draft or Spam/Junk folders, the benefits you get from using POP Peeper outweighs these small flaws by a whole lot.