Portable Glary Utilities: System maintenance suite

CCleaner Startup

Portable Glary Utilities is a software suite that contains tens of tools that can help clean up your system, improve its performance, remove unwanted files and a lot more. All of the utilities are completely free.

Installation & Requirements

As the name would suggest, this version of Glary Utilities is portable, meaning you only have to run the executable file to extract the utilities and there is no installation required for anything. You can place the utility in a USB stick for example and take them anywhere. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


First of all, the cool thing about the program is that you do not actually have to run its main interface in order to operate individual utilities. You can instead find them in the “App” folder and run them from there. Still, it is way more convenient to open the main platform as everything is there and you might miss something if you just go and open them all from their respective executable files.

The reason that this is possible is simple. Every utility of the Portable Glary Utilities runs its own window, individually, without any distractions from the rest. This is very nice when you just want to run subject specific utilities like cleaning up your computer from unwanted files but never messing with the Registry.

Although every utility has its own window, as I said before, they are all incredibly easy to use. I tested all of them and none uses technical terms so anyone can use them in theory. Of course, it is a good idea to be familiar with the things you are editing, especially if you are dealing with things like the Registry or the memory. Warnings are aplenty but common sense has to be applied in all places and you should not mess with things you know nothing about.

With all that being said, it is time to talk about the 1-Click Maintenance feature as well. In this tab you will find a variety of check boxes that represent specific utilities. You just check the ones you want and click on the “Scan for Issues” button and let the application take care of everything else. Although this is a very nifty feature, it should be used with caution. Cleaning the registry and changing the startup programs is not something that everyone should do. Still, it is very convenient when you do not want to spend any time running and configuring individual utilities so there is that.


-Large set of tools
-Completely portable
-The utilities run individually from anything else
-The 1-Click Maintenance feature can be very convenient


-Some utilities might be dangerous for inexperienced users


Portable Glary Utilities is definitely one of the greatest set of maintenance tools in the market right now. If you use everything with caution, you can really improve the general performance of your computer and clean up unwanted things that are burdening your computer.