Portable WinSCP: A free SFTP, FTP and SCP client

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Connecting to an FTP server is a hassle so you will always require a good client to do everything for you. Portable WinSCP aims to be that client by providing you with a simple but solid program for free.

Installation & Requirements

The installation really is quite simple, although you will not get desktop shortcuts so you will need to make those manually. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 without any additional requirements.


When you start the program, you will need to insert the details of your server for the first time. You can just type in the Host name and press Enter and just fill your login credentials when the application asks you, if the server requires them. You must also choose a server type from the dropdown list before proceeding, although that is not vital. The reason for that is that the application will inform you if there is an error while connecting and you can alter your settings right then and there.

Once you have connected to your server, you will be able to use the file manager without any further implications. The interface of the manager is simply fantastic ad it just shows how much work the developers have poured into it. Everything has been optimized to be as easy to use as possible. The file explorer is very similar to Windows own Explorer so you should not have any trouble navigating it. Connecting to multiple sessions is also a breeze as you can navigate between them through their respective tabs.

All the other tools of the program are also very easy to use while also being very efficient. Of course, drag and drop features are fully supported but you can also upload and download files through the respective buttons found at the toolbars in the middle of the window. Editing the files and viewing information about them is also done through the same toolbars, keeping everything in one tidy spot. The tools can only be described as elegant as they simply fit into the client seamlessly.

If you are looking for the more advanced tools, you can easily find them on the top toolbars and on the top menus. Most of them open in new windows but they do not feel strange as they integrate into the other features of the application. The command line tool for example is extremely powerful but also far easier to use than similar interfaces. Any help you need can be accessed through the Help menu but if any error arises while you are trying to complete an action anywhere in the program, you will also be given details about the issue and how to solve it.


-Easy and fast login process
-Brilliant interface directed at all users
-Browsing files is very simple
-An abundance of tools and utilities
-Very useful help features


-None that would be worth mentioning


If you have been looking for an amazing FTP/SFTP/SCP client, then you are in luck. WinSCP is a simply brilliant application that will fulfill all of your client needs, whether you are a casual user or an experienced one with a fantastic interface and a myriad of tools at your disposal, all for free.