PotPlayer: Versatile multimedia player

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If you like obscure multimedia files, chances are you will need codecs and other software to run them. That is, if you are not using something like the free PotPlayer.

Installation & Requirements

The application’s installation is quite basic without many options but that also means it completes very fast and without any issue. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


In case you do not know that already, PotPlayer has been designed with two things in mind: simplicity and flexibility. Both of those things are obvious, even when you just look at the program. If you are a casual user, you will be able to throw whatever you want into the application and it will run it 99.9% of times. It supports an insane amount of file formats which means that you will be hard pressed to find something it will miss.

The brilliant thing about this multimedia player, however, is that it does not make any sacrifices to fulfill the purposes I said above. Experienced users and those with too much time on their hands can customize each and every nook and cranny of the program. Different skins, toolbars and settings are all very easy to find and configure. Furthermore, multimedia playback features and extra tidbits like subtitle support can be personalized to suit your needs. Just as an example, you can set different skins for different file types or set the application to remember where you left off that movie you were watching and resume it for you.

Even though that might sound like a lot of work, it actually is not. Setting buttons are scattered everywhere within the application but you will quickly find where all of them are. A lot of care has also been given to provide the application with full keyboard support so you can do almost anything without touching your mouse. On the other hand, right clicking on the player will bring up one of the biggest and most detailed context menus I have ever seen in my life so that should give you something to work with.

All of this is precisely why PotPlayer is recommended everywhere. The interface might be a bit intimidating and that context menu is scary but every single aspect can be fitted to individual needs. Most players need plugins or third-party utilities to come even close to the functionality that PotPlayer offers to all of its users.


-Can play virtually any video and audio file
-Incredible customization options
-Detailed options
-Personalization features include different skins and toolbars


-Can be a bit intimidating to newcomers


If you are willing to spend some time with it, you will not be able to neglect PotPlayer. It offers so many features and support for so many files that you are just destined to find something to like there. Even if some of its aspects are awkward and strange, you can probably customize them and make them just perfect.