How To: Prevent users from uninstalling apps in Windows 8

If you are sharing your computer with other people you might be concerned about the safety of your apps. This goes double if you are sharing your computer with inexperienced users that might accidentally tamper and delete apps that you want to keep in your system. There are two very easy ways to prevent people from uninstalling apps in the Metro interface.

1. Policy Editor


Hit the Windows key, search for Group Policy and choose the Edit Group Policy from the results. Navigate to User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Start Menu and Taskbar from the left side panel. Scroll down the list and double click on the “Prevent users from uninstalling applications from Start” item. Choose the configuration option to “enabled”. To restore the option, choose “disabled”.

2. Registry


Hit the Windows key again, type regedit and click on the result that appears. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_Current_User\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows.
Right click on the Windows value, select New and then Key from the context menu. Name it Explorer and hit ok. Right click on the newly created Explorer key and select New and then Dword (32-bit) Value from the options. Name that NoUninstallFromStart and hit ok. Double click on the value you created and change the value to 1. Change the value to 0 or delete the key to restore the option.

In order for these options to activate you will need to either restart your computer or log off and then on again on your account. The uninstall option from the Metro interface will not be available anymore.