How To: Print in your Android Phone or Tablet

    The android smartphones and tablets nowadays are almost identical to computers, because of their features, which can be found in PCs too. For example, you can send emails, browse through Internet, create documents etc. However, in this tutorial we are going to focus on another feature. To be more specific, we will find out how you can print from your Android device. Let’s see how you can do this.

    Use Google Cloud Print in your Android Device

    Fortunately, Google can provide you with one of the best printing services. That service is Google Cloud Print and you can use it, whether if you are an Android smartphone or tablet owner. In case you want to use Google Cloud print, you should first know that you will need to install a third-party app, which can support the Google service.

    • First of all, you should make sure that your printer can support this printing service. To do this, you will have to connect your printer to a PC or other device and activate the Google Cloud Print support by using your Google browser. When this process is finished, your printer will be associated with your Google account. Then you can print from wherever you want.

    NOTE: Another way to use the Google Cloud Print is by purchasing a Cloud-enabled printer. Visit this page to learn more about those printers.

    If you want to find out more about Google Cloud Print and how you can use it, you could read our guide here.

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    • After this, install the Google Cloud Print app for Android devices.
    • Finally, open a document or a web page that you want to print and then tap the Share button. As a result, you will share them with the application and print them from anywhere you want by using your Google-Ready printer. Be aware that the Google account that is associated with the app must be the as the one you use in Google Chrome. In that case your printer will display only in the app.

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    Google Cloud Print is a very useful service, because it works when you are online. Therefore, you can take advantage of its feature and print by using a Google-enabled printer that could be anywhere. You could also share your printers with other Google users that have accounts and give them the opportunity to use your printers for their own needs.

    Print to PDF

    PDF printing can be very helpful in a Android device, in case you want to print a document or web page and access it later. However, you will not find any ”Print” options in Android apps. As a result, PDF printing is not as easy as you expected to be.

    • In order to print to PDF, you will need to use the Share feature that is available in every Android device. Tap the Share button and select the app, with which you will share the document you want to print. Note that you will need an app that can convert your document to PDF.
    • One of the apps that can convert your files to PDF document is Cloud Print app. To be more specific, the app can save your documents as PDF files. For this reason, press the Share button and then Cloud Print.
    • Once you do it, tap the Save to Google Drive option. With this way you can use the Drive app, in order to access your document later. You could even view it without requiring an Internet connection.

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    Print to Specific Brands of Printer

    A lot of wireless printers can allow computers to connect with them. Furthermore, we can assume that your Android phone or tablet is such a device and it can connect with wireless printers, without even requiring any physical connection.

    If you want to do this, you should have a wireless printer. On top of that, you will need to instal an Android app that can support printing to that device. For instance, many manufactures can provide you with such applications. HP offers the HP ePrint Android app, with which you can print from any HP ePrint-enabled printer. You can also install Epson’s iPrint app that can help you to print from any modern Epson printer. Canon provides you with support too. You can install the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app and print your documents by using Canon PIXMA printers. Lastly, Samsung can support you with its Samsung Mobile Print app. You can use this app for mostly printing, bu also scanning and faxing from your Samsung printer.

    As you noticed you will only have to go through the Google Play and find the app, with which your printer’s manufacturer can support you. Then you should install and find out, if it can help your printing. In case this kind of feature interests you, you should make sure that the printer you will buy in the future is supported by such apps.

    NOTE: The apps, that were mentioned above, are different with each other. For instance, Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app does not offer you many possibilities. Specifically, you can’t print documents. On the other hand, Samsung Mobile Print app lets you scan and fax your documents.

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    Print to USB, Bluetooth and Networked Printer

    There are three possible scenarios for this kind of printing. The first one involves printing from a networked printer, which you have shared on a Windows network. Secondly, you may own a printer, which requires a physical connection to your Android device via a USB cable, in order to print. Alternatively, your printer may be wireless and can connect with your device via bluetooth.

    Unfortunately, all of those printers are not supported from Android. For this reason, you will have to use a third-party app, like PrinterShare. Although PrinterShare is not a high-quality application, it can fully support the printers, mentioned above. However, you will have to install its premium version, so that you could take advantage of all its features.

    As you can see Google Cloud Print is the most trustworty solution, as far as Android printing is concerned. There are some additional methods that you can folllow though, in case you own a printer that is well-supported by its manufacturer’s app. Make sure that you pick the method that suits you the best.