Product Key Finder: Find the keys to your installed programs

Even though there are multiple ways to find your registered product keys, it can be a very tedious process when you have multiple programs installed. Product Key Finder simply finds information about them from all over your computer and hands them to you in one little convenient program.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is very easy but be wary of the third part software the application will try to force on you. If you do not want them, choose the custom installation and uncheck their respective boxes. The supported operating systems for the program are Windows XP, Vista and 7.


The whole program is comprised of a single window. On the left of the interface are the names of your installed programs that have a registered key assigned to them. On the right side you can find your product keys right across their respective applications. There are only two other options in the application. You can click on the “Load Hive” button to load a registry hive and you can save your product keys to a CSV file. Quitting the application will prompt a window asking you if you want to buy “Recover Keys”, a program that supports more than 3000 applications and their product keys in contrast to the 200 of the free version of Product Key Finder.

If you are more tech savvy you can also use command lines to operate the application. The /csv command will output the registered keys in a CSV format in the current directory and the /remote (computer name) command will ask a remote host for key information. A last thing to keep in mind is that you cannot copy anything directly from the application so if for example you want one specific key you will either have to write it down yourself or store it in the CSV file and take it from there.


-Fast installation process
-The fact that all your keys are located in one place and can be saved in a CSV file can save you hours of work digging through programs on your own


-A limited number of supported programs
-The only save format available is CSV which some people might not be very familiar with


Even though the number of applications the free version of Product Key Finder supports is quite limited, you can still make some use out of it if the programs you are looking for are in that list. Having them all in one place is really very convenient but if the programs you are looking for are not there, then you will have to pay for a similar program.