ProShow Producer: Create efficient and professional presentations

Anyone who has worked in an office or has gone through the educational system can attest to horror stories regarding horrible presentations. ProShow Producer seeks to amend that by offering all the tools required to create incredible, working presentations.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is not complicated at all. You can continue with the trial version installation or buy a license. After the process is done you will be prompted to restart your computer. The application’s supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Right from the start you can tell that a lot of work has been put into creating a pleasant visual style for the application and a feeling of familiarity in all the other aspects of it. When you first boot up the program you will encounter the New Slideshow window with all of its various options.

The best option for beginners would be the Wizard since it will guide you every step of the way. You only need to insert your image, video and audio files and the application will do the rest. The good part is that after the show is done you are free to customize it in any way you want. The other options are to create a blank project from scratch, create a new one using existing templates that you can download of the internet and open an already existing project that you have stored in your computer.

Editing a project is also very easy. All the information about the current project you are working on is displayed on the bottom of the screen as lists and a timeline. You can mess around with everything from the order of the pictures you want to show to the music you want to play, if any. The speed of the projects, dubbed by the application as “Energy levels”, can also be edited to your heart content.

You also have full control over the content you have created. The program has built-in functions to publish wherever you want, including some of the most popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. The integration is flawless and will save you quite a bit of time if you want to output your projects to such sites. One thing to keep in mind is that the trial versions of the products will have a big watermark on them so if you do not want that you will have to pay for a license. You can even save your projects as executable files that can be run but not edited in any computer that has the program installed. It is a perfect way to share your work without worrying about someone else copying it. It is also a perfect way to showcase them in a screen as it can be looped indefinitely so you can use it in your office as an advertisement for your business.


– Fast installation without any extra programs
– The application offers the ability to create amazing presentations that will always look professional
– Extremely easy to use interface with a wide array of options in the creation of new projects
– Very user friendly in all aspects
– A refreshing visual look


-Watermarks in the trial version


If you are sick and tired of amateur looking presentations or the time and effort that other applications require of you in order to create a professional looking one, then look no further. With ProShow Producer’s easy-to-use features, you will be creating incredible presentations that everyone will like in no time.