Proton launches its own password manager

Proton has recently unveiled its latest offering, Proton Pass, a highly secure password manager that boasts a more comprehensive and robust encryption model than any of its rivals in the market. This announcement comes as the security-focused company continues to broaden its horizons, building on its initial success as ProtonMail, a widely-used encrypted email service. Since then, Proton has rebranded and diversified its product lineup, introducing a Calendar, Drive, and VPN.

Proton acquired SimpleLogin, a company specializing in email aliases, the previous year. The talented team behind SimpleLogin played a major role in the development of Proton Pass. This state-of-the-art password manager employs a 32-byte random vault key, which is exclusively accessible to the user, an additional layer of encryption at the item level, and the same sharing security protocols that have been proven effective in their calendar and drive systems. Usernames, websites, and emails can all be encrypted alongside freshly minted email aliases and notes, none of which can be accessed by the company itself. As an open-source company, Proton encourages anyone to scrutinize its systems to verify that they function as intended.

The introduction of Proton Pass is particularly noteworthy, considering it follows in the wake of a security breach at LastPass, a rival password manager, last year. Malevolent actors managed to gain access to sensitive information such as customer metadata and secrets related to third-party integrations. This incident allowed other secure password management companies to step in, and Proton appears to be capitalizing on the situation. In the announcement for Proton Pass, Andy Yen, Proton’s founder, and CEO, referenced the breach: “We’ve always been concerned about the potential risks associated with a major password manager breach, a reality that unfortunately materialized with the recent LastPass hack.”

Proton Pass is only available in Beta form for users who have subscribed to lifetime and visionary Proton plans. Eligible customers expect to receive an email in their Proton Mail inbox within the next week containing further details about the Beta rollout. The company anticipates that Proton Pass will see a public launch sometime “later this year.” ProtonVPN is also one of our favorite VPNs, so we expect Proton Pass to keep the same level of quality and security.