Q-Dir Portable: Lightweight, powerful file manager

Even though Windows Explorer is fine for basic functions like searching, copying and pasting files, it lacks more advanced features as well as options required for file management of a larger scale. Q-Dir Portable fills that void with an extremely efficient interface and a myriad of options.

Installation & Requirements

Being a portable program, Q-Dir does not require any installation. Simply download the less than 1 MB file and run the program’s exe. The operating systems it supports are Windows Servers 2000 / 2003 / 2005 / 2008 and Windows 98 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit.


The first thing you will notice is what has been dubbed by the developers as “Quadro-View technique”. Four windows don the interface of the application and you can interact with each and every one individually. Think of them as different windows in explorer, you can do whatever you want in each window without interfering with the others. However, this application puts them all in one convenient place with a lot of additional features. It also seamlessly interconnects with the regional Windows Explorer for features like Drag and Drop.

Simply right clicking a folder will show you all the different options that the program offers. You can open new folders in new tabs of the same window, copy their paths or open new processes. Furthermore, if you click on the “Extras” tab of the settings, you will be able to customize your file management to an insane degree. One of the most prominent features of the program is the ability to filter different file types by colour. For example, you might want your .mp3 files to be black and your .exe files to be red. You can set different colours for whatever kind of extension you want including entire folders.

You can also change the display mode to whatever you want. You have all the options you would have in the normal explorer like different size icons and grid modes as well as the ability to add quick links to various directories or programs. Furthermore, you can choose the program’s screen start at your favourite folders, organize them or let the program know which files and folders you visit more often so that you can access them quicker.


-Amazing interface that lets you customize all of your file management needs to an incredible extent
-A ton of options that will please every type of user, whether they simply want to add more options to their files or they want to manage them more efficiently
-A tiny file size that requires no installation so you can use it whenever you want, wherever you want


-None that would have been worth mentioning


Whatever your file management needs are, you will fulfill them with Q-Dir. If you use it for a while you will definitely miss the options that the Windows Explorer is lacking and that should be available to everyone.