QQ-Player: A complete multimedia package for all your needs

With more and more people watching movies or listening to music on their computers, multimedia players are arguably one of the most popular programs in the world. In the flooded market of such applications, QQ-Player begs to differ by offering one of the most complete packages out there.

Installation & Requirements

The program offers a very simple installation with all the usual options you expect. When it is over, you will be asked to repair the installation on the registry and you should click on yes. The program supports Windows versions of XP and higher. If you are using XP, you will also need to install Visual C++ 2005.


The general feel of the program is very familiar if you have used any other multimedia application and chances are you have. QQ-Player has all the normal buttons and features you would expect from such a program on the bottom like playing and stopping the video or song. Everything feels very easy to use and very clean.

However, QQ-Player differs from most similar applications as it offers way more than simple multimedia playback. On the bottom right corner you will find some extra little tools that are very fun to use. You can take a snapshot, convert the video to other formats, extract audio from a video file, create simple gifs where you will set the time and the size of the image, create custom playlists and transfer files to your iPad. All of these options are conveniently placed at one spot and you can use them at any point during the movie you are watching or the song you are listening to. Every tool’s interface is very easy and fast to use. Even if you have never created a gif or you have never compressed a file before, you will find it incredibly easy to do so.

Other interesting quirks of the application can be found in the settings and they will be obvious once you use the program to play a file. If you play a song, for example, it will automatically try to download lyrics off the internet. Watching a movie will automatically get you subtitles as well. You can enable or disable these options in the comprehensive options menu which lets you set the bits and pieces of your experiences. You can also easily change the look of the program to suit your style at the click of a button.


-A large variety of supported files for all your multimedia needs
-A wide array of tools that enhance the user experience to the maximum
-A lot of little things that make the application stand out in the crowd


-Some things are muddled with foreign characters


If your multimedia needs are beyond simple playback features, then this is the program you have been looking for. QQ-Player offers a lot of things under the convenience of one package, eliminating the need to install and learn a ton of programs for simple things.