Quick Cliq: Create your own menus and speed up recurring computer tasks

Anyone whose work is computer-dependent has a set of frequently used items that can be anything from files and folders to applications and URLs. Browsing to reach your favorite programs, documents, websites…etc. is a very time-consuming task. Quick Cliq is a free application launcher and productivity tool that offers a highly customizable menu, where you can add your own entries and access pretty much anything very fast.

Installation & Requirements

Quick Cliq is a portable application so it doesn’t need installing. The program can be downloaded as an archive and all you have to do is extract its contents in a folder and run the executable file. At first run, Quick Cliq offers a tutorial to show new users how to create and tweak their menu.

All of your settings will be stored in Quick Cliq’s folder, so you can use it from any portable storage device just like you would from your computer’s hard drive. Quick Cliq has two separate versions for 32 and 64-bit operating systems and it currently works on Windows XP, Vista and 7.


Quick Cliq runs in the system tray and its menu can be displayed via the system tray icon, a hotkey or a mouse gesture. Quick Cliq’s default menu items offer users 9 additional clipboards (Clips), window management options (Wins), personal notes manager (Memos) and a log of recently used items (Recent).

The “Open Editor” option reveals Quick Cliq’s editor where users can add/remove/edit menu entries. The window is separated into two areas: one is dedicated for customizing the menu items and the other one lets user set up commands for them. The Editor also supports drag & drop so you can add a file, folder, shortcut….etc. by simply dragging it with the mouse into the Editor’s window.

In the command line area, users can select the shortcut type from the included list which can be a File, Folder, Folder Menu, Folder Switch, System Shorctut, E-mail, URL or a Special shortcut. The Special type allows power users to use special commands to define complex actions.

Besides adding your own menu items you can rearrange the tree structure and the program’s Options provides an even higher degree of customization, that includes changing the menu’s hotkeys and mouse gestures, aspect, text font, icon size and functionality. Speaking of, Quick Cliq’s flexible menu can also have one or more of its default entries removed so you can keep just the ones you use. Those that want to have the Quick Cliq menu available at all times can set the application to run automatically at Windows startup.


– Portable, lightweight application.
– Highly customizable menu that lets users add pretty much any kind of shortcut, from a folder to a URL.
– Advanced users can create shortcuts that execute multiple commands.
– Built-in menus offer additional clipboards, window management, personal notes and recently used items.


– None worth mentioning.


Quick Cliq offers a custom, very flexible menu that enables users to gather all of their frequently accessed resources in one place, thus increase their productivity and speed up repetitive tasks. While the advanced commands are not just for anyone, through its default set of functions and tutorials, Quick Cliq can be a valuable tool even for non-technical individuals.