Quick Dial Lite tweak adds speed dial to your iPhone

There’s a Favorites tab inside the iOS Phone app that lets you add your favorite contacts in order to access them fast. However, Quick Dial Lite tweak offers an even faster method for dialing your favorite contacts.

You can use Quick Dial Lite to assign contacts to numeric keys on the Phone app’s keypad. Al you need to do is tap and hold a key assigned to a specific contact to call him/her.

This is definitely much quicker than manually searching for the contact or navigating to the Favorites tab to make a call. Obviously, you can assign  different contact for each of the 9 numeric keys on the Phone keypad, and you cannot have two contacts assigned to the same key.

Once you install QuickDial Lite, which is available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repo, go to the Settings app to access its preferences pane. There are 9 text fields, one for each keypad key and you can assign phone numbers to all of them, or just a few depending on your preferences.

Quick Dial Lite tweak

For example, if you want to assign a phone number to key #1, type it in the text field labeled ‘Number 1’. From then on, you can tap and hold the #1 key in the Phone app every time you want to dial that number.

The Quick Dial Lite tweak is based on a simple (and certainly not new) idea, but it’s sure nice to have the old fashioned speed dial available on the iPhone. It would have been nice if it integrated with the address book instead of having us manually type in each phone number we want to assign to a certain key.

Nevertheless, it works flawlessly and it’s free so we’d love to find out your thoughts on Quick Dial Lite if you decide to give it a try.

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