Quick Heal Antivirus Pro: Proactive defense for your PC

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is an antivirus security suite that can protect your computer from all kinds of infections from both online and offline sources in real-time. A free, fully featured trial is offered by the developers.

Installation & Requirements

To install the application, the user has to first obtain the download manager that will be used to get the installer from the web. After setting up the download, the setup can be run automatically while the user will have a few options regarding the installation here and there. Due to the large size of the application, the installation might take quite a while to complete. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000 SP4+, XP SP2+, Vista, 7 and 8x.


Although I initially had reservations about what the developers describe as a “user-friendly” interface, all my doubts were erased once I actually got to use Quick Heal Antivirus Pro. The dark red and white hues of the UI work surprisingly well and are extremely easy on the eyes. The various buttons and menus are very well-designed, look amazing and are very easy to navigate. There are some design choices that I definitely consider weird like the Facebook Like button on the bottom right corner but these issues are mild and not nearly as annoying as I would have thought.

Having said all that, I must admit that the program is a bit hard to get used to, at least at the beginning. For example, users will have to actually register their details if they want to get the full features of the free trial, including their name, country and city of residence. There is no actual check for these details, not even for the e-mail address, but I can definitely see some users being frustrated by this. Even when I did register, the application asked me to update immediately which took a surprisingly long time considering the installer was actually obtained via the web and should be up-to-date.

Thankfully, the criticisms of this security suite are limited to these annoyances. The actual antivirus engine and the various utilities are very good and quite varied so most security departments are covered. As is the case with almost every antivirus out there, Quick Heal Antivirus Pro wants to differentiate itself via the extra tools and services and I must say they all work great. Every single one of the utilities is something that the user might need at one point or the other like the Emergency Disk tool that allows you to create a disk that can recover your PC from infections in an emergency.

During the course of testing, none of these utilities presented a problem and they all worked decently fast. I actually found myself using some tools like the System Explorer and Windows Spy (both of which deal with processes) quite a lot, even when I was not actively testing the application. The scanning and cleaning processes were fairly standard with nothing really standing out. The greatest thing about them and the rest of the application is that minimal resources are used which is always what I am looking for in an antivirus program.


-Elegant design makes for a great UI
-Very useful tools and services
-Packs a ton of power in a minimal package


-Nothing that would really make it stand out
-Minor nuisances


Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is a great solution for those that are looking to try a new internet security suite as it is packed with utilities that will protect your computer from threats of all kinds. Even though it might not stand out as the most unique antivirus application out there, it is one of the worthiest ones for sure.

User Interface
Ease of Use