[Quick Tip] Disable Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications

Why is it that great hardware makers are so keen on ruining their products with software no one needs? Samsung smartphones make a fine example and it is completely understandable that you’d want to disable Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications.

The company wanted to have their own app market, specifically the Galaxy Apps store and while some of them might be useful, Samsung is now aggressively promoting some of their software products.

Every now and then, they will even push notifications with featured apps and perhaps an extreme but effective measure is to completely disable Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications by toggling off the Galaxy Apps store notifications.

It will obviously turn off useful notifications too, but it’s likely worth the compromise to get rid of the spammy and ad-like ones. Here’s how to do it:

Launch the Galaxy Apps store and tap on the ‘More‘ button.

Select ‘Settings‘.

disable Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications

Toggle off ‘Push notification‘ and optionally disable app update notifications as well.

Now you can finally enjoy the silence and when a notification arrives you will at least know it could actually be important. Also, disabling this setting can be done on almost any recent Samsung Galaxy phone, such as the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Note 5 among others.

Please note disabling notifications from Samsung’s app store, won’t stop any of your installed Samsung apps from sending notifications. So if you have some which you don’t find useful, you’ll need to go into the respective apps to disable them.

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