[Quick Tip] Easily export a PDF using 3D Touch

The ability to print a web page or a document on your iOS decide using an AirPrint-compatible printer is old news. When it comes to exporting a PDF, things are a bit trickier and until now the easiest solution was to use a third-party app for the purpose.

Nevertheless, if you own a 3D Touch enabled device (which is currently limited to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus) you’re in luck.

iOS 9 offers a stock option to save a web page or a document as a PDF, but since it’s powered by 3D Touch you can only enjoy it if you’re the owner of one of the two devices mentioned above.

1 - Export PDF using 3D Touch

Whenever you want to save a web page (or a document) as a PDF file, use this simple trick:
Open the website in Safari, or the document you want to export and tap on the Share button. Select the Print option to continue.

2 - Export PDF using 3D Touch

Now you should be seeing a document preview and the print options below it. You can also navigate left and right to scroll through the pages.

Force-press on a page to pop it in full screen. There, you will have another share button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3 - Export PDF using 3D Touch

Tap on it and a new share menu will be displayed.

4 - Export PDF using 3D Touch

There you can select the app where you want to share the web page or document and confirm your choice on the following dialog.

Note: Some apps without support for file attachments may appear in the share menu. If you select one of those to share your PDFs, you’ll be notified they don’t offer this functionality.

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