[Quick Tip] Enable Low Power mode fast on your iPhone using Siri and 3D Touch

Those of us who always find something to do on our iPhones are always struggling with its battery life. Even as a conscious user that’s trying to keep the apps list to a minimum, and tweak various settings to optimize battery life, as long as you’re keeping the screen on, power levels will always go down pretty fast.

Low Power Mode can be a life-saver when you need to squeeze some extra juice from your iPhone and if you want to enable it as a preventive measure you’ll have to do it manually. But there’s no need to go through your iPhone’s Settings screens one by one to get to the ‘Low Power Mode’ option. We’ll show you two ways to enable it much faster.

How to enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone or iPad using Siri

Siri is quite smart so you can allow the virtual assistant to toggle on Low Power Mode for you (this method works for both iPhone and iPad). All you need to do is speak the magic words “Hey Siri, turn on/off low power mode.”

For the sake of speed, you can leave the “Hey Siri” part out and just say “turn on/off low power mode”. Siri will execute the command either way.

How to enable Low Power Mode using 3D Touch (iOS 9.3 and higher)

iOS 9.3 implemented a new set of 3D Touch options for stock apps, the Settings app included. This allows you to get to the Battery settings screen and toggle on Low Power mode quickly, as long as you have a 3D Touch enabled device of course.

iPhone home screen

Force-press the Settings app icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

Settings app force touch options

From the 3D Touch menu, select ‘Battery‘.

iOS 9 - Low Power mode Settings

This will take you directly to the Battery screen in the Settings app, and all you have left to do is to toggle on the ‘Low Power Mode‘ option.

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