[Quick Tip] Enable Night Shift in Low Power mode

Enable Night Shift in Low Power mode

With f.lux available only for jailbroken devices, iOS 9.3 arrived with Night Shift to fill in the gap. While I do love the feature, it seems that you cannot enable Night Shift in Low Power mode.

While this is technically true, 9to5Mac found a cool workaround you can use to have both Night Shift and Low Power mode enabled at the same time. It’s not something obvious but it’s very easy to use, so keep reading.

How to enable Night Shift in Low Power mode on your iPhone

The first thing you need to do is turn on Low Power mode from Settings -> Battery. Now your phone will disable battery-hungry processes to ensure longer battery life.

The second step is to launch Siri and say the magic words ‘enable Night Shift‘. Surprise! You successfully completed our tutorial and both Low Power mode and Night Shift are now enabled.

This is the only way to enable Night Shift while in Low Power mode, at least for now. You can check for yourself – all the other methods to toggle on Night Shift are disabled as long as Low Power mode is active.

To disable Night Shift while Low Power mode is still on, you need to open Siri and say ‘disable Night Shift’.

We’re not sure if Apple decided Night Shift shouldn’t be used in Low Power mode, or a glitch is preventing these two features from working at the same time, but this simple trick provides a convenient solution. Let’s hope Apple won’t patch this workaround and even better, at some point Night Shift and Low Power mode will work together out of the box.

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