[Quick Tip] Find out how much you’ve spent in Google Play

Google Play might include the largest selection of apps at the moment, but it’s not just an app store. You can also purchase various types of digital content such as books, music, and music.

If you’re a long time Android user you might be wondering how much you’ve spent in Google Play and for good reason. Besides all of the above, in-app-purchases also add to the total amount of money you’ve poured into Play Store and it’s somewhat difficult to keep track of it.

A new app called My Paid Apps can figure things out, regarding all your Play Store purchases. It provides sortable categories and lists so you can easily see how much you’ve spent in Google Play and on what.

How to find out how much you’ve spent in Google Play

The app is available for free on Google Play and is add-supported, although you can remove the adds with a $1.52 IAP (yet another payment you can add to your total amount spent on Play Store purchases).

Download My Paid Apps (Google Play)

The setup is the same as for any other app, although once you install My Paid Apps you’ll need to give it a few permissions to enable its complete capabilities.

The All Purchases screen displays all the purchases you’ve made on Google Play, sorted by price and above the list, there’s a Total Cost field that shows you the total amount of money spent in the Play Store. Here’s hoping that won’t be a shock for you.

how much you've spent in Google Play

Using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen you can view purchases on a per category basis such as installed apps, apps you’ve bought and don’t use anymore, in-app-purchases, music, movies and so on. Various sorting criteria such as price, date of purchase and name can be used for any category.

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