[Quick Tip] Get back the old Instagram icon on iOS (no jailbreak required)

Just a few days ago, Instagram revamped their mobile apps and joined the minimalist UI trend as other major software developers. Among the things that went down the drain is Instagram’s classic vintage camera icon, which was replaced with a flat, abstract camera icon. Needless to say, not everyone is happy about the new changes, and at the very least there is a way to get back the old Instagram icon on iOS devices.

The changes for the Instagram apps are purely cosmetic, and the old icon is not the only thing that was removed. The blue color accent is also gone with the layout being monochromatic at the moment. While Facebook says they removed the colors to remove distracting elements and allow users to focus on the photos, many of them liked the old look of Instagram better.

How to get back the old Instagram icon on iOS

get back the old Instagram icon on iOS

We haven’t found a way to return to Instagram’s former UI design, but there is one allowing you to get back the old Instagram logo on iOS. UX designer Juan Ramirez came up with a web app that lets you place the old Instagram icon on your home screen and ditch the new flat logo.

To do it, open this link on your iOS device, tap on the Share button and then on the ‘Add to Home Screen‘ option. Now you should be seeing the old logo on your home screen. From then on, every time you tap on the icon, Safari will launch for a few moments, then the Instagram app will open and you can use it like you always do.

So what can you do with the ugly new icon? Well, just toss it inside a folder (preferably one you don’t use too often) and forget about it. A bit of the new logo will still remain, and I’m referring to notifications which will show the updated version of the icon but at least you won’t be seeing it on your home screen.

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