[Quick Tip] This glitch lets you get round folders on iOS (no jailbreak)

iOS is well-known for its weird yet awesome glitches that allow us to get interesting features, otherwise unavailable, at least not without jailbreak. A new one is circling the web, and it lets you get round folders on iOS in a simple, but unusual way.

It turns out, all you need to do is change your wallpaper and your home screen folders will become round.

Apple usually fixes these glitches, but it might take some time for an update to come, so until then you can enjoy having round folders on iOS by following these simple steps.

How to get round folders on iOS

Before going through the instructions, you should know the round folders glitch works on iOS 9.3 so you need this specific version on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to use it.

You will need to apply a very small image as your wallpaper (this is how the glitch works). No need to search for them, just get one from here (scroll down a bit to get to the small, square wallpapers). Simply tap and hold on one of the images and select Save Image.

Locate it in the Photos app, tap the share button and then once again on the Use as Wallpaper option. To continue, select Still, then Set, and finally, tap on Set Home Screen.

Note: The images used for this trick are 3×3 pixels, but if you don’t like those colors you can resize any other photo and use it instead.

Head back to your home screen and you’ll notice that your folder icons are circles instead of rounded squares.

This is a glitch, so it can work in unpredictable ways. Sometimes only a few folder icons will become round and you might need to repeat the process to get the results you want. If you’re the visual type of person, watch the video below that shows exactly what needs to be done to get rounded folders on iOS:

This is an interesting visual customization, that will probably have a short life since Apple usually fixes these glitches. However, it would be cool if the company decides to implement the option to change the icon shapes in a future update.

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