[Quick Tip] Here’s how you can disable character popups on the iOS 9 keyboard

The visual ‘pop up’ animation the iOS keyboard displays by default for each keystroke does help you realize you pressed the right key but it can also  make it easier for someone near you to peek at the passwords you’re typing.

Regardless if you want to get rid of it for security concerns or another reason, iOS 9 allows you to disable character popups for the stock keyboard, something that wasn’t possible in earlier versions of the OS.You can easily toggle off the feature, so here’s how to do it:

You can easily toggle off the feature, so here’s how to do it:

Open the Settings app and select General.


Tap on the ‘Keyboard‘ option to continue.


On the following screen, toggle off the ‘Character Preview‘ option.

There you go! From then on, your iPhone’s or iPad’s keyboard won’t display character popups with each keystroke.

While keeping the ‘Character Preview’ option disabled can make it harder for someone to see sensitive or personal information you’re typing, it’s still much safer to do this at a reasonable distance from other people if you care about your privacy or use Touch ID over password or pattern authentication as often as possible.

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