Here’s how you can free up your iPhone’s RAM in 10 seconds

What do you usually do when apps freeze, crash or your iPhone behaves in other weird, inexplicable ways? I’m pretty sure the universal solution for this problem (and not just on iOS) is to restart the device, which can be pretty annoying if you need your phone for something very important that can’t be delayed.

It looks like clearing your device’s RAM can solve these problems too and there’s a really quick way to do it according to Gizmodo. Plus it works for iPads and iPods as well.

Just hold down the Power button on your phone until the ‘Slide to power off’ option is displayed, then press and hold the Home button. Keep it like that for a few seconds and you’ll be taken back to the home screen and your RAM will be emptied out. Doing this with your phone locked will only launch Siri so make sure the device is unlocked, otherwise this trick won’t work.

Your recently opened apps won’t be closed, but each will reload when you tap on them. Before you get to excited, remember this particular tweak is not in plain sight for a reason: it’s not meant to be used frequently. iOS is quite good at managing memory, so keep this in mind and use the trick to free your device’s RAM only when you actually need it.

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