[Quick Tip] Here’s how you can preview a link’s URL in Safari for iOS before opening it

As there are so many links displayed on web pages, not all of them are trustworthy. Before you click a link on your PC or Mac, it’s very easy to see the actual URL by simply holding the mouse cursor over it or the linked word or phrase. This allows you to check if that web address is a fake or not.

Since mobile devices aren’t designed to be used along with a mouse, you obviously cannot do the same on your iPhone or iPad.

Nevertheless, there is another way to preview links in the Safari browser on iOS devices, and it’s super easy to do it.

On your iPhone or iPad, open any web page in Safari and find a link for which you’d like to preview the URL.


Tap and hold the link and after a few seconds, a menu will appear on the screen. There you have various options: Open, Open in New Tab and so on. However, this is not what we’re interested in right now.

Above the options, the URL of the selected link is displayed so you can easily check it and see if it actually points to what you expected. And if you can’t see the whole URL because it’s too long, try rotating your iPhone to enable horizontal view. This way you can see the complete web address.

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