[Quick Tip] Here’s how you can quickly share links to Apple Notes

iOS 9 brought multiple improvements to the Apple Notes app, such as various formatting options, the ability to draw sketches and shoot photos directly inside Notes among others.

One of the best new features of Apple Notes is the ability to share URLs to the app from other locations. Moreover, you can send links to Apple Notes from just abuot any app that supports the Share sheet.

You can think of it as a bookmarking option for the Notes app and it can be used to create new notes, as well as send the link to an existing notes. We’ll discuss both situations below.

Send links to Apple Notes in a new note

For the purpose of this guide, I’ll use Safari as the app from which I’ll share the URL of a web page to the Notes app. However you can use another app, and save other types of content such as maps from the Maps app or photos.

Safari app - iOS 9

Open the Safari app, and go to the web page you want to save in Notes.

Tap on the Share icon and select Notes from the available options. Tap the Save button and a new note with the URL of that page will be created in your default notebook.

Send links to Apple Notes in an existing note

The first step is the same as for sending a web page’s URL to a new note, so open Safari and navigate to that page.

Tap on the Share sheet icon, select Notes and tap on the Choose Note option. Then you can see a list with your notes and you can select the one in which you want to save that link. Hit Save and you’re done.

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