Quick Tip: Here’s how you can save a still photo from a Live Photo in iOS 9.3

Live Photos have received a lot of attention ever since they became available, perhaps because the feature is exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. All iOS users wanted to be able to create Live Photos and LiveMaker made it possible (others didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity as well).

Soon enough people realized Live Photos are twice as large as still images and obviously take up more storage space. Another app called Lean, quickly jumped at the opportunity and allowed users to batch convert Live Photos to still images.

It seems Apple realized converting Live Photos to regular pics is definitely a useful feature so iOS 9.3 now provides such an option. While the update is currently available for developers and beta testers only, it is nice to know you will soon be able to make use of it.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Launch the Photos app and open a Live Photo then tap on the Share button.

iOS 9.3 Live Photo 1

  • Look at the second row of sharing options, and scroll until you spot the Duplicate icon.

iOS 9.3 Live Photo 2

  • Tap on it and a new menu will be displayed, from where you can either use the Duplicate or Duplicate as Still Photo options. Using the second option will save a still image from the Live Photo, and the latter will remain untouched.

Do you find the option to convert Live Photos to still images useful or you’d rather just capture regular photos? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.