[Quick Tip] Here’s how you can set your iPhone’s speaker as default for incoming calls

The default iPhone setting regarding incoming calls, is to play them through the phone’s built-in earpiece. It certainly makes sense – that’s how all phones work, right? This doesn’t mean there are no exceptions, and if you usually take a lot of calls but your daily activities require both of your hands, then you obviously can’t use them to hold the phone to your ear.

A pair of headphones or even a Bluetooth headset are excellent solutions, but if you lack the equipment (or it’s just not your thing) you can always set your iPhone to automatically play incoming calls through the speakerphone so you don’t have to manually turn on the feature every time you take a call.

How to set Speaker Mode as default for iPhone calls

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and navigate to General -> Accessibility.

In the Interaction section, select “Call Audio Routing“.

Then you can change the default “Automatic” setting to “Speaker” and once you exit the app, both incoming and outgoing calls will play through the speaker. If the conversation becomes private, you can always manually disable the Speaker for the current call by tapping on its icon.

iPhone call on speakerphone

This setting also affects calls you make and receive via FaceTime Audio. This is a viable quick fix for when your earpiece speaker is broken although it won’t give you much privacy, considering anyone near you can head the conversation. If others are around, you might want to consider using the ‘Headset’ option from the Call Audio Routing menu, but obviously this is not a solution if you don’t actually have a headset.

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