Quick Tip: Here’s an easy way to find stores that support Apple Pay

I’m pretty sure you won’t give up shopping in a certain store because it doesn’t support Apple Pay, but the service does make purchases incredibly fat and comfortable, and its security shouldn’t be overlooked either (considering you set it up correctly and are using Touch ID as well).

A large number of popular stores are already supporting Apple Pay and you would like to know if a certain shop or location lets you make purchases using Apple Pay you can easily check this information in the Maps app.

On your iOS device launch the Maps application and look up a store or shop for which you want to verify Apple Pay support.

Apple Pay locations in Apple Maps

Once you see it listed, tap on it and scroll down until you see the “Category” and “Price” sections. If you see a Pay icon next to the latter, it’s evidence that store or location lets you use Apple Pay to make payments.

Note: You can search for the same information on your Mac in a similar manner. Open the Maps application, search for the store, restaurant or another commercial location you’re interested in, click on the pin and select the title flag.  An information pane will be displayed where you can check to see if the Apple Pay symbol is displayed under the hours of operations category.

Apple Maps offers a quick way to verify Apple Pay support in specific stores and shops, but keep in mind smaller businesses may support it and not be marked as such in the app. However, this works perfectly if you’re interested in big chains.

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