[Quick Tip] Hide the iOS dock on your iPhone without jailbreak

The iOS home screen may be functional, but the default customization options are rather limited. Having a jailbroken certainly widens the selection of visual customizations but not everyone is willing to jailbreak their iPhone.

Ironically, some iOS glitches actually provide cool features, even if we can only enjoy them temporarily until Apple decides to patch them. One of the latest allows you to hide the iOS dock on your iPhone and get a cleaner home screen, no jailbreak required.

How to hide the iOS dock on your iPhone

The trick works on iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.1. Some older versions also let you hide the iOS dock on your iPhone but not all have been tested so if your device is not running under one of the two versions mentioned above, you’ll need to experiment to see if it works.

Here’s what you need to do:

The trick relies on a wallpaper rendering bug, just like the round folders glitch. For this to work, you need to download the image from the link below which needs to be used as a wallpaper on your device.

Save it on your device which you can do by long-tapping on it and then on Save Image.

hide the iOS dock on your iPhone

Open the Photos app, and tap on the photo you just downloaded. Select the Share icon, and tap on Use as Wallpaper, then on Still. Lastly, tap on Set Home Screen to apply it as a wallpaper on your home screen.

hide the iOS dock on your iPhone

Now you can return to the home screen and the dock shouldn’t be visible anymore. It’s not actually removed but it does become invisible so it doesn’t appear to be there anymore.

This glitch is similar to the one that lets you get round folder icons as both rely on a wallpaper processing bug. These temporary tricks are fun, but they can never substitute the versatility of a jailbroken device. Regardless, you can feel free to experiment with them and maybe one day Apple will decide to implement the popular ones as stand-alone features in iOS.

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