[Quick Tip] Pin your favorite websites in Edge

The Edge browser may still be young although Microsoft is adding new features very often. An interesting new option lets you pin your favorite websites in Edge, courtesy of the Windows 10 14291 build.

The option is new only in the Edge browser, since the already established alternatives like Chrome, Safari and Firefox have it for quite some time now. Even so, it’s a great addition to the Edge browser which brings it one step closer to the competition.

You can easily pin your favorite websites in Edge (just like in other browsers), so here’s how you can do it.

Launch Edge and open a new tab then go to the website or web page you want to pin.  Now simply right click on the tab (or tap and hold if you’re using a touchscreen), and from the context menu select ‘Pin tab‘.

Pinning tabs in Microsoft Edge

Of course, if you change your mind you can unpin it from the same context menu. Instead of  ‘Pin tab‘, you’ll see the ‘Unpin tab‘ option.

For as long as you keep a tab pinned, it will show up as a favicon in the tab bar and stay open at all times. It’s certainly a useful option when you need a certain website to open up whenever you launch Edge but you don’t want to set it as your homepage either.

Pin your favorite websites in Edge

Bonus:  Edge also lets you pin web pages to the Start menu. You can do this by opening the page you want to pin, click or tap on the … icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select ‘Pin this page to Start’.

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