Quick Tip: Prevent iOS from adding events from Mail to Calendar

In the world of smartphones, an increasing number of context-based features are being made available and the truth is, they can save us a lot of time. Such is the case of Siri’s iOS 9 revamp, which among other improvements now has the ability to add new entries to the Calendar app, based on the contents of your emails.

Nevertheless, the real world scenario is completely different:at least some important events and meetings that are mentioned in your email are not supposed to get an entry in your Calendar and if yours is already populated by plenty of appointments, this can really diminish its functionality.

If this new Calendar feature is not your thing, you can turn it off in an instant. Here’s how to do it:

Open the Settings app and go to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.


Scroll down to locate the Events Found in Mail option and toggle it off.


You’ll receive a warning below, alerting you that disabling the option will not only prevent suggestions from being added to the Calendar in the future but will also delete unconfirmed event suggestion. Unless you have a problem with the changes, go ahead and disable it.

iOS 9 has really improved Siri in multiple aspects, but nothing is perfect and while some users might be pleased it automatically detects events in email messages and adds them to the Calendar, the same feature might not work for others. At least now you know how to disable it, and make sure all your Calendar entries will be the ones you choose to add manually.

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