Quick Tip: Protect your privacy by disabling ‘Frequent Locations’ in iOS 9

iOS is very good at tracking all the places you go and it’s totally OK if you’re comfortable with this. In fact, this capability has been available since iOS 7, and you might be surprised to hear it’s actually enabled by default in iOS 9.

If you’re a privacy-conscious person, it makes sense you’d want to disable this feature and you can easily do it. Otherwise your iPhone or iPad will continue to keep track of all the places you’ve visited and how long you stayed there, which is not a comfortable thought for many people.

The feature is called ‘Frequent Locations’ and here’s how you can turn it off:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and select Privacy.

iOs 9 - Privacy settings

Tap on ‘Location Services‘ which is the first option in the list.

iOS 9 - Location Services


Then scroll down until you see the ‘System Services‘ option and tap on it.

iOS 9 - System Services

On the following screen, tap on ‘Frequent Locations’ and then you can toggle off this option so your device won’t keep tabs on your whereabouts anymore.

Apple has likely set Frequent Locations tracking to be on by default because some information needs your location to be relevant and accurate. Without denying this can be useful at times, not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of being tracked all the time.

What’s your take on ‘Frequent Locations’ tracking? Do you still keep this feature on or you feel like it’s not that useful to trade your privacy over it? Let us know in the comments section below or drop us a line on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.