Quick Tip: Remotely trigger the iPhone camera using your Apple Watch

The Camera app on your iPhone comes with a timer function that lets you set a delay before the picture is taken. When there’s no one available (or willing) to play the photographer, the built-in timer can be a life saver.

However, the Apple Watch offers a better way to take pictures with your iPhone as you can trigger the camera shutter on your iPhone directly from your wrist while also getting a preview of the photo. Here’s how you can easily use your Apple Watch to take pictures with your iPhone’s camera:

From the home screen on your Watch tap on the Camera icon (if you currently have another screen displayed you can simply press the Digital Crown to return to the home screen).

Tap on ‘Open Camera‘ on your Watch, if the Camera app on your iPhone is closed.

Apple Watch Camera app

Now you should see the preview of what the iPhone is capturing on the screen of your Watch.

What you can do is a) tap the shutter button to snap the photo right away or b) use the 3 second timer button to add a small delay which can give you just enough time to lower your arm if you’re in the photo as well, so you don’t end up awkwardly looking at your Watch.

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