[Quick Tip] View Instagram’s hidden messages inbox

I was very surprised to see how many people didn’t know Facebook has a filtered message requests inbox, where messages from those who are not your friends (on Facebook that is) tend to end up most of the times. It turns out the same feature is present on Instagram, although you can view Instagram’s hidden messages inbox just as easily as Facebook’s.

Facebook seems to be very good at making their apps and services incredibly popular but not without sprinkling some annoyances on top of them. This hidden messages inbox is supposed to protect us from spammers, which makes sense, but it also filters important messages as the algorithm doesn’t seem to make any distinctions between senders.

As a result, it’s not a surprise that Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, has the same inbox, and it’s not something you would come across easily.

How to view Instagram’s hidden messages inbox

With that said, let’s see how you can view Instagram’s hidden messages inbox and hopefully you haven’t missed any important conversations.

view Instagram's hidden messages inbox

Launch Instagram and tap on the Instagram Direct icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

view filtered message requests on Instagram

If you have any messages that have been filtered by the Instagram app, you will see that as a blue colored text message. Keep in mind that while the app calls them message requests, these can be actual messages (they usually are).

View hidden message requests on Instagram


If you tap on that blue text, a Message Requests window will open, and you will be able to read the filtered messages from users you are not following. If there aren’t any then good for you – it means you didn’t miss anything important.

As you can see, Instagram’s hidden messages inbox is not actually a secret but the app does make sure you don’t come across it by accident. Did you know about this feature, and have you ever missed important messages because of it?

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