How To: Quickly reset all network adapters in Windows 10

It can be terribly frustrating to have a stubborn Internet connection that refuses to function properly. Of course, there are times when the Windows built-in troubleshooters can fix the problem, but what can be done if they fail to do so? A solution that often works would be to reset all network adapters in Windows 10.

Truth be told, we recommend you try everything else before this, as once you reset the network adapter(s) you will need to configure everything from scratch.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to reset all network adapters in Windows 10 as they will revert to the default settings which can help fix any network connectivity problems you’re experiencing.

How to reset all network adapters in Windows 10

Before we proceed, you should be aware the settings I’m going to mention below are available starting with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14367 and newer version. They will also be included in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which is scheduled for release on August 2, so even if you’re not beta testing Windows 10, you will soon be able to use them.

I recommend you write down your current network settings before you actually reset your network adapters. This will make it a lot easier to reconfigure them.

Assuming you’ve saved your current network configuration, navigate to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Status.

reset all network adapters in Windows 10

Scroll down a bit and you should see the Network reset option. Click on it and a new window will open warning you of the changes that occur if you reset your network adapters.

reset all network adapters in Windows 10

Assuming you’re now informed of the effects of the reset option, go ahead and click on Reset now.

You will also need to confirm your choice and afterwards the system will inform you a shut down will be performed in 5 minutes. Of course, after your computer or tablet restarts you will need to reconfigure your network adapter(s), but hopefully, whatever Internet connectivity issues you had before are fixed at this point.

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