[Tip] Quickly turn off your iPhone’s flashlight from the Lock Screen

Whenever you need to use your phone as a flashlight, you can enable this function from the Control Center. However, you don’t need to get back to the Control Center to disable it. There is an easier and much faster way to turn off your iPhone’s flashlight from the Lock Screen discovered by a Redditor.

This is actually a trick, not a stock iOS feature but it works wonderfully and you can use it to turn off the flashlight in an instant.

There were similar methods in previous iOS versions, but this one is specific to iOS 10. With the flashlight enabled, wake your iPhone and do a quick swipe to the left. This shouldn’t be a full swipe, as that would open up the Camera.

turn off your iPhone's flashlight from the Lock Screen

However, if you just do a short swipe, your phone will think you’re launching the camera and this will automatically disable the LED flash if it’s turned on. You simply need to swipe left for about an inch and the flashlight should turn off. Because the Camera app wasn’t actually opened, iOS will bounce back to the lock screen.

This works perfectly, but keep in mind this trick only works if you haven’t disabled the camera on your lock screen. Have you tried to turn off your iPhone’s flashlight from the Lock Screen and do you find this trick useful?

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