Radmin Remote Control: Control your PC from anywhere

Remote control systems are quite common nowadays and they come with a load of different features. Radmin Remote Control aims to provide an easy solution for both a viewer and a server system with its shareware system.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installation is quite basic, with few options here and there like shortcuts. Note that when you extract the files, you will find two “.msi” files. One is for the server and the other is for the viewer so install the version that suits you. It is available in all versions of Windows, even the 9x ones.


As the application comes in two flavors, we are going to talk about the interface of both the Server and the Viewer utilities. The first one has a lot more options since it will let you completely customize the permissions, settings and modes of the server while the viewer is less complex while still allowing some flexibility. It is worth it to note that the program is not really aimed at the casual market. If you have ever used services like TeamViewer, you will know that they are usually quite simple. Radmin sacrifices simplicity for functionality but that is not a bad thing.

For example, configuring both the server and the viewer requires some technical knowledge. You will have to manually insert the IP address or DNS name of the computer you wish to connect to, open up your ports and set the permissions for the connected devices. Using the viewer, you can connect to a server with multiple modes and utilities. For example, you can remotely transfer files, read them, send messages through text and voice, control the shutdown of the remote computer and more. You can also import whole phonebooks but only if they originate from the same application. Finally, you can create desktop shortcuts for individual servers which make for very easy and fast access. You only need to configure their connection once and you can then access them from pretty much anywhere you place the shortcut in.

Although this might look overwhelming at first, it gets a lot easier as you get used to the application. You will quickly understand that almost all of the program’s features can be found in its menus, either at the top or right sidebars, depending on your mode. Not only that but Radmin also offers a very solid help manual that contains information on pretty much anything you can do with the program. This can be accessed directly from the installation folder or from the Start folder of the program.


-Multiple connection modes
-Tons of features in both the Server and Viewer
-Full control over what happens during the connection


-Hard to setup for amateur users
-Some features could be simplified without losing functionality


Radmin Remote Control is definitely not for everyone but if you are willing to work with the program, you will discover a very solid remote control system that is worth your time, especially if you are looking for additional features.