Read news on your Android’s lockscreen with Corgi

There are so many news apps at the moment that’s incredibly easy to stay up to date with the latest events and stories. Nevertheless, if there’s one comfortable solution that’s not too easy to come by, is the ability to read news on your Android’s lockscreen.

Such a capability makes it possible to stay informed without even having to unlock your device and we have one awesome free app that goes by the name of Corgi to recommend for this purpose.

Corgi for Feedly News is not a new player, but we’re happy to say it has matured into a beautiful lockscreen news reader with a clean Material Design interface that makes it a top notch app.

You can  use Corgi with Feedly and Instagram, plus if you’re already a Feedly user it will automatically pull the latest titles from your personal feeds.

How to read news on your Android’s lockscreen

Below, I’ll detail how Corgi works, despite the fact it’s super easy to set up and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Firstly, you can download and install the app by visiting the link below (or you can just search for its name in the Play Store).

Download Corgi for Feedly News (Google Play)

After the app finishes installing, you’ll be prompted to disable the system lockscreen. Nevertheless, you will be able to unlock your phone using a fingerprint, pin, pattern or a swipe gesture as these features are also provided by Corgi.

read news on your Android's lockscreen


Then you can finally log in and the app offers several methods to do so, including Google, Feedly and Facebook. Corgi lets you choose from two layouts for viewing news – a simple feed and a magazine layout.

With Corgi installed, you can swipe up from the bottom left corner to open the dialer, unlock the device by swiping up on the middle of the screen, and swipe up from the bottom right corner to unlock the camera. You shouldn’t have any trouble to using these controls since they are very similar to the ones provided by the stock Android lockscreen.

The app also comes with an optional Hot News widget that lets you see the latest news at the bottom of the lockscreen. What’s more, it allows you to swipe left and right over it to reveal an expanded selection of headlines pulled from your feed collection.


Swiping to the right of the lockscreen allows you to read the news in a card-style format, where each card can be expanded to display the entire post in the app’s built-in browser. Of course, Corgi also offers the ability to open the article in an external web browser, as well as share it via social networks and IM apps.

Navigation through the news feed is also simplified with a useful Top button that lets you quickly return to the top of the list, plus you can simply pull down the list to refresh it. Another interesting (and useful) feature, is the app remembers where you left off and which posts you’ve read in expanded form.

When you open an article in another web browser, Corgi will remain as a floating bubble so you can easily get back to the lockscreen news feed. As you can see, Corgi makes it extremely easy to read news on your Android’s lockscreen and provides multiple options for this purpose.

That combined with, its comvenient navigation options and a clean Material Design interface make Corgi a great app for those that enjoy reading news in a convenient manner.

What do you think of Corgi and have you tried the app yet?

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