Realtek cards: No sound in Vista problem fix

Cezar Renta

Many users, including myself, had problems with the Realtek sound card’s drivers on Windows Vista. The most often problem is that you have no sound in Vista, no matter what. There are many sound cards based on the Realtek Ac’97 chipset and this may become a nightmare for fresh Vista installations.

However, this problem can be resolved easily doing a fresh driver install on your VIsta. Be aware, that you must completely uninstall your already installed Realtek AC’97 drivers and do a fresh install.

Just download the Realtek AC’97 Vista Audio drivers, fortunatelly we keep them up-to-date.

1. Remove your old Realtek Ac’97 drivers

2. Install the downloaded drivers

3. Reboot

In most cases, this simple procedure will fix the “no sound” problem in Windows Vista but there are some exceptions (on some cards), when this problem persists. In that case, you need to download and install the Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers for Vista and most likley your problem will be fixed. Please note that we recommend installing the High Definition Drivers for any Ac’97 chipset as it improves the sound quality considerably.