REAPER: Audio recording and editing

REAPER is one of the most detailed audio editing applications on the market with a team of developers that have true passion about their work. The product is offered with a fully functional trial version of 60 days.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is quite fast while also offering a lot of customization options like extra plugins and file associations. The default installation includes all of them so you will have to uncheck their respective boxes if you do not want some of them. The supported operating systems are Windows 98 and higher as well as Mac OS 10.4-10.8. Windows versions of XP and higher and Mac OS version of 10.5 and higher have 64 bit versions as well.


The first time you start the application you will need to select your audio driver. The application will actually find your default one automatically and you only need to confirm it. After that is done you will be greeted by the evaluation window which will inform you that REAPER should only be used for a maximum of 60 days before purchasing a license.

The visuals of the application are stunning and it is obvious that a lot of effort has been put into creating a visually pleasant environment that actually helps users get a better understanding of the application through the very clean interface.  Every icon offers a short description when you roll your mouse over it and the online user guides are very detailed but simple to understand.

Adding a new audio file is extremely easy and can even be done by dragging and dropping it inside the main interface window. After you have inserted a file you can view details like the waveforms and edit it to your heart’s content. Most tools are located in the toolbar of the top left corner but you can find more options in the top toolbar with the various tabs. You can also get more windows to pop up by enabling them in the View tab for better control over the application. Personalizing the interface is something the developers have made really easy to do within the application and fans of it have also created a lot of plugins that can be found in the REAPER stash section of the product’s website.

Recording audio is also very easy. If you want to record audio from a MIDI device you will first have to set it up from the Preferences and then choose the option to record from your device in the drop down menu. If you want to record audio from your microphone, you need to insert a new track into your project, choose the Record Arming option and then press the recording button. The results appear in real time and you can immediately save the file in your computer if you want.


-Amazing visuals
-Easy to use interface
-An abundance of personalization options
-Tons of audio editing settings and recording options
-Helpful online manuals


-None that would be worth mentioning


Anyone who is serious about their audio editing will do themselves a favour by getting REAPER. It is simply one of the best products in the market and you lose nothing by just trying it out. After all, you have 60 days before you need to purchase a license so there is no excuse to at least not try it.